<The SHOWROOM Store>

しかしザ ショールーム ストア は、表参道より50mと言う好立地に位置し、非常に立ち寄り安い環境と買物客の高いトラフィックを活かして、通常のショールーム機能には無い、店内を区切り一般のお客様にもセレクトショップ形式で開放しています。

A showroom is usually not open to the general public, but rather introduces the next season’s samples to the media, press, and buyers, etc. as an exhibition space. It is a space for marketing that increases the positioning and awareness of the brand.
However, THE SHOWROOM STORE is located 50m from Omotesando at the center of Harajuku Tokyo, where fashion and art, culture is complexly mixed, there are high traffic of inbound and local shopping customers, where we are a open showroom in select shop format.