The SHOWROOM Store & Café




At “The SHOWROOM” we are open for exhibitions, press, events, pop-up stores, to international or domestic brands and distributors who want to rent or collaborate with the showroom. We can offer the entire space or partly use depending on the needs. Please contact us for any further inquiry, we are happy to help you.
We are waiting for your contact.

<The Café>



There is a cafe space in the store, and we also serve organic coffee and vegan donuts.  It is a new type of SHOWROOM that can be used as exhibitions, reception parties, events serving drink, and pop-up stores.

<We are..>

私たちは人とブランドとが共に新しくてかっこいいモノを創造し少しだけ地球を住みやすくすることをするショールーム ストア&カフェです。

We are a Showroom Store & Café where people and brands can get together to create something new and cool to make the earth a little better place to live.